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STICKY: THE RPF is NOT going to provide engineering support for Android/Android Things.

Sun Mar 09, 2014 6:27 pm

Up to now (June 2018) the stance of this forum was that no useable version of android for PI existed, (one with GPU acceleration) and also we did not want to support it, but as of July 2018, unofficial versions of Android that work reasonably well are now popping up.
But the RPF still has no wish to support those, (Android serves no educational purpose) so we decided that support is up to the entities that release these Android versions.

But now that they are here, we should at least make discussion about them possible, so we re-opened this, previously locked, sub-forum.

Official announcement on our (unchanged) stance on Android is in the FAQ, here:

For the latest info, goto:

For the Google group that is still working on it you can go here:!forum/android-rpi

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