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buster and gpio-ir , jlirc and java

Fri Jan 31, 2020 12:01 pm

Hi there,
i used to program java and have a project, where one of the input methods is a Infrared remote. I use a TSOP 4838 on gpio 23 (Argon One case). Before kernel 4.19 it was a easy chain. installing lirc, setting dtoverlay=lirc-rpi in config.txt, using jlirc to get IR commands in java.
Now, especially in with buster, I am confused.
The change to gpio-ir in the kernel makes problems with lirc. I saw the thread with the lirc patches, but irrecord seems to have still problems? It seems to be recommended to go to ir-keytable. Everyone seems to be concerned on kodi and openelec etc. ir-keytable has no bridge to java, afaik?
Is there anybody here that has a working way to get the IR commands in java on a raspberry 4 with a current buster image?
Thanks in advance,

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