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Radio LCD Screen to Touch pad

Wed Jan 15, 2020 6:09 pm

I was going through some e-waste at an automotive manufacturing center and was able to take some LCD touchscreens home. I figured I could use them and create a touchpad since they are great quality.

My initial thought was just to get a converter for the pinout, 40 ttl, and hook up the hdmi to my rpi and call it a day. But as I began working, I noticed what I believe to be a 10 pin LED backlight strip. There are a few converters out there but I was wondering if there was a different way to power it? Currently I working with this radio screen: C070EAT01. (I'll add a picture as well)

I think I have a general understanding of what I need to do, but for now there is a gap in technical terminology that I believe is limiting my search results. Any insight on what I can do would be great!
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