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How to make a Korean Forum ?

Mon Jan 28, 2019 2:56 pm

Dear foundation.

I am Jinyong Chung who live in South Korea.
I would like to share the all about Raspberry pi to Korea.
R.Pi is really awesome device to make things and education side.

I am going to make some sort of prototype with R.Pi. (Speaker, Webcam, Sensor).
While making the prototype, this forum help me.

Unfortunately, I didn't get information in Korean in this Forum.
How do I build the Korean Forum?
If possible, I will translate the basic tutorial about R.Pi and write the article.

Jinyong Chung.

Raspberry Pi Engineer & Forum Moderator
Raspberry Pi Engineer & Forum Moderator
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Re: How to make a Korean Forum ?

Mon Jan 28, 2019 9:20 pm

Hi, I have passed your request to those who make the decisions on this sort of thing.

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