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Time To Play; Lets Write Some New Software.

Fri Nov 09, 2018 6:28 pm

OK RISC OS is now Open Source, in the true sence of the statement. It is time for us to really have some fun, and get down to play time.

What I mean is that the more software we write in our play time for RISC OS (preferably purely RISC OS, no UnixLib), the more other people will be interested in using RISC OS, and the more people using RISC OS the more people that will be interested in writing programs for it.

So we have a very good excuse to play.

So what do we need to attract attention? If you create something you find to be fun or useful, even small simple stuff, there are likely others that will find it useful as well.

For me the things I am working on (somewhat slowly) include (no saying if any of them will ever make it to usable):
  • - A slicer to create 3D printer G-CODE from STL models.
    - A very simple script language based 3D CAD loosely based on the syntax of OpenSCAD.
    - Some fun toy programs, that are useless though fun.
    - Verious simple conversion and other super simple tools to aid with common tasks.
Personally I am leaving the issue of web browser to the NetSurf team, that is not my cup of tea.

Though I would encourage anyone using RISC OS on there RPi to spend a little more time playing, as in writing new software. Now I just have to learn to release stuff that is less than perfect, though usable.

I just hope I can get the access to upload to my web site again, so that I can start sharing again.
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