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turn on bluetooth rp3b+

Thu Apr 18, 2019 11:39 pm

good morning,

my name is AJ, i'm a high school student new to rpi. I was looking into how to turn on and off the bluetooth on rpi using python, but I was not able to find anything that is applicable to what I am attempting to do.

please help, all help is kindly appreciated!

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Re: turn on bluetooth rp3b+

Fri Apr 19, 2019 1:52 am

You could have a look at BUT its not being updated at this time.

Adafruit have released - it’s experimental/ new and may need their module if it does not work fully on the Pi :o

You may be able to mod to communicate with something other than a Wii remote!

There is over 150 projects for Python under Linux - they may not be available on the Pi without a build though.
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Re: turn on bluetooth rp3b+

Fri Apr 19, 2019 1:19 pm

What exactly do you mean by "turn on and off the bluetooth"? You could run a shell command from Python to bring the adapter up or down:

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sudo hciconfig hci0 up 

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sudo hciconfig hci0 down

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