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Does this exist: HDMI Flashing Filter Device?

Wed Oct 10, 2018 7:38 am

Asking here in case anyone's heard of this. Is there a script which takes an HDMI input signal and applies some sort of filter to it to reduce the effects of a flashing screen? Has this been done? Is it feasible to do? I know people have used Pi's as PVRs and for IP home surveillance so I'm hoping it's not too far fetched of an idea.

The reason I ask is my girlfriend of 7 years has lived with epilepsy since she was about 8 years old and we occasionally watch movies or shows together. Sometimes flashes occur in shows you wouldn't expect, which I'm sure you all know a lot about. I was curious if anything exists out there to help in these situations.

I'm a software developer and am considering building something to help ease the severity of flashing. I imagine a simple color or darkening filter would be easy enough. On top of that, maybe it would take each frame, assign an overall brightness value to it, and if the difference in brightness between frames exceeds a set threashold (adjustable by the user) over a given period of time, the output framerate slows down to ~1 frame per second (adjustable). Once the flashing scene passes, it returns back to normal.

Any input would be appreciated! Thanks


Re: Does this exist: HDMI Flashing Filter Device?

Wed Oct 10, 2018 12:41 pm

No real answer for you but my hope and best wishes as it’s a great use of technology.

Maybe getting hold of Oscar Andersson would be a starting point as he did a lot of work with TV colours for his ambilight project

Sorry I cannot help more but will remember this thread and add to it if I see anything.

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Re: Does this exist: HDMI Flashing Filter Device?

Sun Oct 14, 2018 10:56 pm

In VLC player, there is a setting that enables something call frame-averaging.

Not sure if the pi could handle the workload, but the filter can be adjusted to convert blinks into a fade-out.

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