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camjam edukit 3 - setting up the operating system

Sun Jan 19, 2020 1:59 pm

I need some really basic instructions please!

I am trying to help my son with the cam jam edukit 3.
We want to control it with the pi hut's wireless controller. I have the instructions but am now stuck.

We have (I think) written the SD card with the Raspbian stretch image. The next instructions are about setting up the operating system and specifically writing a file on the 'boot' partition.

Set-up the operating system

Once you've written the SD card, put it back in the machine you used to write it. If you're on Windows ignore anything about needing to format the SD card.

On the "boot" partition, create a file called ssh. This will allow you to remotely connect to your Pi should you need to.

Also on the boot partition, create a file called wpa_supplicant.conf and put into it the following:

ctrl_interface=DIR=/var/run/wpa_supplicant GROUP=netdev

Replace MY_SSID with your wifi router's SSID and MY_PASSWORD with your wifi router's password. This will connect your Pi up to your network and allow you to install the extra software you need.

These are the instructions (above). I don't know to create a file and am not sure what the boot partition is.
I am using a Mac.

Please can someone give me some really basic step by step instructions on how to do this please.

Thank you!

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Re: camjam edukit 3 - setting up the operating system

Wed Jan 22, 2020 3:10 pm

please can someone post a reply!!

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Re: camjam edukit 3 - setting up the operating system

Wed Jan 22, 2020 4:42 pm

Sorry, but I have no idea about how to do anything on a Mac because I don't have one.
But I feel your frustration, so hope this helps until someone more knowledgeable comes along....

Those instructions you quote in red are to allow you to connect your Pi to your wireless network so that you can access it remotely from your PC/Mac. This is useful when you don't have a USB keyboard, mouse or HDMI monitor. However, if you are able to boot your Pi with a keyboard, mouse and monitor, you can circumvent those instructions and do it on the Pi itself. Then I can help you more. If you have an ethernet network cable that you can plug into your Pi, that will avoid you having to setup the wifi as well. So, do you have a keyboard, mouse and monitor that you can use?

In general, to create a text file, you need a text editor. On a Mac, I believe the default one is called TextEdit, which you may find in the Applications Menu (?) Open that, select File-New, type in the content that you need, and then save the file to your SD card. Google says you might need to set the preferences in TextEdit to save plain text files. (http://www.iphonehacks.com/2017/06/plai ... t-mac.html)
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