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howto redirect input to feh (slideshow program)

Sat May 25, 2019 5:54 am


Some help is needed on the following:

I would like to fork feh as a slideshow in the background and still be able to sent some keys to it (eg. 'n' for next picture or 'q' to quit).

So I created a pipe: mkfifo /tmp/cmdVideo
I exported DISPLAY=:0
and start: feh -Z -z -F -d -D10 -f /home/pi/newapp/AlleFotos </tmp/cmdVideo &

Via another shell I sent characters into the pipe:
To actually start feh: echo -n . > /tmp/cmdVideo
After that it starts showing pictures.

All my other characters don't arrive at feh. Eg.:
echo -n 'n' > /tmp/cmdVideo
echo -n 'q' > /tmp/cmdVideo
Feh just goes on showing pictures.

I have also tried to move the location of the '</tmp/cmdVideo' within the commandline but that did not help.
Obviously I am making a mistake here. Can someone help me in how to set this up correctly?

The same setup works fine for omxplayer .

Thanks in advance!

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