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Raspbian full Desktop version

Mon Dec 10, 2018 3:48 am

I've flashed Raspbian full desktop version OS to sd card and failed to first time boot my PiB+3 on LG monitor. When I connected PiB+3 to monitor, its light was blinking like monitor is taking power from it and monitor was showing 'D - Sub power saving mode'. How to fix that ?

*I used HDMI to VGA converter for connecting monitor to PiB+3 . Power source was connected to monitor.

W. H. Heydt
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Re: Raspbian full Desktop version

Mon Dec 10, 2018 6:11 am

Try editing /boot/config.txt to enable force_hdmi. Not all monitors send back EDID data...especially when working through a converter. And not all converters can handle all resolutions, so you may have to set that as well.

Double check your monitor...if it has a DVI connector, use that with an HDMI to DVI cable (no conversion needed).

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