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How to reset password in a customized Raspbian?

Sun Dec 09, 2018 4:02 pm

For my project, I need to modify a Raspberry Hat ( that requires their version of Raspbian to be downloaded and loaded as the Rasbperry PI OS. To get to this point, I need to change the password to get into the Raspbian system. I followed an online source stating to change config.txt by adding "init=/bin/bash" at the end of the line to get into the single user root mode which is successful.

Then comes the problem, when I entered "passwd pi" to change the password of the default user, the error message shows
"Authentication token manipulation error"
I follow another instruction to enter "Mount –o remount,rw /", another error message shows


Did I missed out anything? Or is there a better way to change the password in a customized Raspbian? I am looking into now and I am not sure I understand anything :/.

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