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Running PortMapper on Raspbian Stretch

Fri May 04, 2018 1:58 am

I have a raspberry Pi Model B+ (running Stretch dated 3-13-2018) that I am attempting to get Portmapper running on. In which hasnt been successful. I was wondering if anyone on here has been able to get it running on any Version of Pi using Stretch?

Portmapper =

My goal in doing so is to have a low power gateway to reprogram the UPnP on my Netgear Router remotely. I have a DSL Connection and infrequently I lose power and when that happens my Router loses all of its UPnP Mappings which kills a garage Door Opener I have running on a Webserver using raspberry Pi. My desire was to use the specific Pi to reprogram those values.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. If you have questions please ask..


When I run: java -jar portmapper-2.1.1.jar -list i get:

pi@ClearCasePi:~/scripts/portmapper$ java -jar portmapper-2.1.1.jar -list
20:57:33.860 [main] INFO org.chris.portmapper.PortMapperCli - Creating router factory for class org.chris.portmapper.router.cling.ClingRouterFactory
20:57:33.959 [main] DEBUG org.chris.portmapper.PortMapperCli - Creating a new instance of the router factory class class org.chris.portmapper.router.cling.ClingRouterFactory
20:57:34.367 [main] INFO org.chris.portmapper.PortMapperCli - Searching for routers...
20:57:34.371 [main] DEBUG o.c.p.r.cling.ClingRouterFactory - System property 'portmapper.locationUrl' not defined: discover routers automatically.
20:57:34.893 [main] INFO org.fourthline.cling.UpnpServiceImpl - >>> Starting UPnP service...
20:57:34.897 [main] INFO org.fourthline.cling.UpnpServiceImpl - Using configuration: org.fourthline.cling.DefaultUpnpServiceConfiguration
20:57:35.156 [main] INFO o.fourthline.cling.transport.Router - Creating Router: org.fourthline.cling.transport.RouterImpl
20:57:35.333 [main] INFO o.f.c.t.spi.MulticastReceiver - Creating wildcard socket (for receiving multicast datagrams) on port: 1900
20:57:35.387 [main] INFO o.f.c.t.spi.MulticastReceiver - Joining multicast group: / on network interface: eth0
20:57:35.654 [main] INFO o.f.cling.transport.spi.StreamServer - Created server (for receiving TCP streams) on: /
20:57:35.714 [main] INFO o.f.cling.transport.spi.DatagramIO - Creating bound socket (for datagram input/output) on: /
20:57:35.833 [main] INFO org.fourthline.cling.UpnpServiceImpl - <<< UPnP service started successfully
20:57:35.842 [main] DEBUG o.c.p.r.cling.ClingRouterFactory - Start searching using upnp service
20:57:41.091 [main] DEBUG o.c.p.r.cling.ClingRouterFactory - Did not find a service after 5 seconds
20:57:41.097 [main] ERROR org.chris.portmapper.PortMapperCli - Found no router
20:57:41.121 [main] ERROR org.chris.portmapper.PortMapperCli - No router found: exit

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