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Re: OpenSCAD

Sat Aug 24, 2019 6:01 pm

Gavinmc42 wrote:
Sat Aug 24, 2019 10:48 am
What else is there that will run on Pi's?
Inkscape for 2D to G-code.
g-code is incredibly machine-specific, so make sure that the plugin knows about your machine.

I know people who swear by gcmc - G-Code Meta Compiler or bCNC if their hardware is driven by grbl. The cheap 3018-PRO routers use grbl and seem to be absurdly popular.
… PLA, ABS = 3D printer = slicer.
OctoPrint 3d printer controller runs well on a Raspberry Pi, and it has a slicer plugin that can run either the Cura steamengine slicer or slic3r as backends. The Cura 3.x version for Raspberry Pi 4 posted elsewhere on the board will slice directly to an OctoPrint instance, which helps avoid the horrors of building either of the slicers.
… CNC Lathe, Mill.
I don't know of good tool-pathing software that runs as a user application on a Raspberry Pi. Ed Nisley might, though, and his blog is always full of new CNC things he's tried.
I have not used OpenSCAD much, will it help?
If you've ever used any other CAD package and are expecting WYSIWYG, probably not. OpenSCAD is similar to the C programming language, except that variables can't be changed at runtime. It's basically a package for combining CSG primitives, so this code:

Code: Select all

difference() {
                           cylinder(r = 10, h = 4);
    translate([ 4, -4,  0])cylinder(r =  6, h = 4);
results in this 3D output:
openscad: difference of cylinders
openscad.png (11.88 KiB) Viewed 115 times
It's not for everyone, but I use it for work sometimes, making customizable assistive tech devices. That particular one is a really simple demo part for showing trainee occupational therapists how quickly parts can be customized and manufactured.
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Re: OpenSCAD

Sun Aug 25, 2019 1:08 am

Thanks Scruss, bookmarked those links.
gmmc and bCNC look very useful and Ed has taught me a new word - Ubiety.

OpenSCAD reminds me of Povray, Pi's have made me more comfortable with coding ;)
It has been some time since I use TurboCNC on FreeDOS on a 800MHz Via mini PC.
Time to get back to making stuff using Pi's.
It is so much easier now than 10 years ago.
Seems like everyone has 3D printers and there is more software.
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