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A simple benchmark

Fri Jul 13, 2012 8:49 pm

I ran this command to do a very simple benchmark (from a console, not within X)

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time echo "scale=2000;4*a(1) | bc -l
I wanted to test some of the overclocking options mentioned in Dom's post (see the link in the RPi main page about Raspbian).

So ... in Puppy (SAP Alpha 3)

With the over-voltage overclock, (1Ghz) the "real" time was:
15.774 secs.

With the "safe" overclock, (arm - 850, sdram - 500, gpu - 250), I got:

With no overclocking:

As a quick comparison, I ran the test on my Arch installation (this is using the same "safe" overclock) and got:

Just out of interest, I ran this on my laptop, which is a Pentium 3 with 256mb of RAM (so similar to the sort of machine to which Eben has claimed the Pi might have similar performance). It is running Racy Puppy.
The time was:

Anyone else tried any benchmarking recently?

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