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do i need ssh files to configure the connection or not

Fri Dec 07, 2018 2:50 pm

Dear experts

do i need ssh files to configure the connection or not

i just have installed the git package on my windows machine.

i have up and running the bash client

now i want to do the configuration - ....

question - do i need to have ssh-files for setting up the connection?

Mitarbeiter@260-36-B3-PC-04 MINGW64 ~
$ git config
usage: git config [<options>]

Config file location
--global use global config file
--system use system config file
--local use repository config file
-f, --file <file> use given config file
--blob <blob-id> read config from given blob object

--get get value: name [value-regex]
--get-all get all values: key [value-regex]
--get-regexp get values for regexp: name-regex [value-regex]
--get-urlmatch get value specific for the URL: section[.var] URL
--replace-all replace all matching variables: name value [value_regex]
--add add a new variable: name value
--unset remove a variable: name [value-regex]
--unset-all remove all matches: name [value-regex]
--rename-section rename section: old-name new-name
--remove-section remove a section: name
-l, --list list all
-e, --edit open an editor
--get-color find the color configured: slot [default]
--get-colorbool find the color setting: slot [stdout-is-tty]

-t, --type <> value is given this type
--bool value is "true" or "false"
--int value is decimal number
--bool-or-int value is --bool or --int

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