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Packaging/Sales/Distribution Partner for RPi Disco Kit

Sun Aug 26, 2018 3:05 pm


An industrial-strength, realtime music beat detection algorithm and PCM routing
framework for an IoT music-to-light control system based on the RPi platform
has been developed!

The ultimate goal is to deliver a kit/setup such as Philips Hue Disco, or
ViVi ( ,,
but based entirely on commodity hardware.

At this point, the DSP related software is production-grade and is available at . To show case its performance,
an OpenGL emulation running on the RPi can be seen at
Basically, as the audio is routed through the RPi GBD framework, beat counts
are delivered to Linux POSIX shared memory and the maker can use this info
to control the sequence of light/led patterns: GBD gives you beats. Creativity
and complexity of the sequence of light patterns and light control is the
responsibility of maker.

Now, while the setup is complete for the IoT maker/hobbyist who possesses
decent Linux system programming skills, it still requires (layers of) "dressing" for the
end-user demographic if it is to sell as a commercial product, i.e. an RPi Disco Kit.

A partner with the necessary technical skills to undertake product dressing
as well the entrepreneurial initiative for sales/marketing is required.
The proposed partnership model is quite elementary:

* I supply you with keys for the core GBD engine at $5 (five USD) per RPi board.
* You develop RPi Disco Kits around the GBD framework, to whatever degree
of complexity, and sell at whatever price you see fit. The great thing about the
Raspberry Pi platform is that there already exist N-million sold devices. You
need not even purchase the RPis; just s/w development for the kit (lights/led,
ESP8266 wifi controller, Xbee controller, etc)

So, for example, if you can package and convince the end-user to pay you $150
(or $1500!) per RPi Disco Kit, please just give me my $5.

Interested parties can reach me via generic.beat.detector AT gMail DoT cOm

Good day.

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