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Re: Yet another educational environment (especially for AI/Cognitive science)

Posted: Wed Dec 28, 2011 6:34 pm
by aaronsloman
Under the 'projects and collaboration' Forum heading I've posted a request for collaborators in porting Poplog to ARM+Linux ( to provide "a low-footprint high-functionality software system for teaching and research, providing incremental compilers for four languages Pop-11 (the core language), Prolog, Common Lisp, and Standard ML.

A sample of the educational examples supported is available here:

There's an online video tutorial on downloading and installing poplog on linux including showing some of the demos provided as tests performed immediately after (successful) installation here: In addition, poplog has a lot of tutorial material from absolute beginner level to advanced researcher, of which a sample is online here:

Most of poplog is implemented in the core language pop11, which provides incremental compilers for the other three languages. Compilation is to machine code, so the port is non-trivial. If anyone is interested in collaborating on this, or has comments suggestions, etc. please let me know (a.sloman @

The PI should support poplog easily: we used to use it supporting a room full of students using Xterminals to access it running on a sun server with much less power and memory than the Pi.