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recommendations and specs on newest 8mp camera

Sat Dec 08, 2018 1:42 am

For my widowed elderly mother and her property..

i want to set up around 10 raspberry pi security cameras.
for best performance what is the best PI to use? (indoor) and (outdoor) if different? are there temperature limitations?

Also what is the traffic feed bandwidth per camera when video taping? (I will set them up on movement sensors). I was going to set them all up on a 10GB Ethernet network for the cameras and server.
Also, how many monitors do i need for 10 cam setup? Can the monitors be set up on Raspberry 3 B+ (per monitor) and get good performance of multi cam views per monitor?

3 will be on buildings behind house to monitor entrances, iw as considering cat6 or 7 cable back to house. 70yards.

I know i can reocrd and store data per each pi cam but I need centralized monitoring and storage.

HUMBLE Thanks for the input!

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