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Recomendations for Camera

Tue Apr 18, 2017 8:13 am

Hi all,
So the wife has tasked me with making a night vision camera to record our front driveway.
I have seen the Pi NoIR camera and IR LED sets but wondering a quite simple question... If i add more IR LEDs will i get better range?

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Re: Recomendations for Camera

Tue Apr 18, 2017 8:38 am

yes - if you use an IR-illuminator like ... 96122.html [others are available]
you will get good images
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Re: Recomendations for Camera

Tue Apr 18, 2017 8:45 am

Yes, more leds helps

But what wavelength are the leds?
The NOIR image sensor is sensitive from around 400 to 1000nm.
Normal camera is 400-700nm

The NOIR is more sensitive to 850nm than 940nm.
The other thing is angle of view, around 60degree for the camera, unless you change the lens.
So look for LEDs with 60degree output, good luck with that :lol:

5mm IR leds are typically 10-30 degree. Not very reliable as heat can crack the epoxy, expect failures.

High power LEDS are typically 120 degree, so you need optics, I got my last lot from RS.
Narrow angle to act as IR spotlights, gives longer range.
Now there is a new led for this narrow angle, longer range. ... /index.jsp

JBeale has figured out how to pulse LEDs at video rate, this stops burning them out and you can push more current through them for a short time/

The wife allows me nice budget for security :lol:
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Re: Recomendations for Camera

Tue Apr 25, 2017 7:22 am

For my DIY Picam's, I like to use quality parts than ebay cheapy 5mm IR led spots.

Made a simple USB connector, resistor, Osram platinum dragon led and 38 x 12 degree oval beam optic.
With just 300ma the 1Amp led lights up the room I was in fine, using USB power bank as source.
Need to make sw LED driver, 5V in, 1.5V out, full power led 1amp but only draw 300 or so from power bank.
GPIO4 has GPCLK0 ALT0 option, so it might be able to strobe the IR led at frame rate.

Strobing LEDS with short duty cycle means higher current for shorter time and lower heat issues.
Platinum dragons at 5amps :o Should also make the red glow less visible.

For the long range, real install I have a triple optic 12 degree spot lens.

But it got me thinking,
Night vision system with Zero, IR LED, camera and small LCD, and DSL LCD view finder.
Powered from power bank, to make a handheld nightscope.
This will allow me to test various LEDS, currents and optics.

When I started playing with the triple optic it looked familiar.
Some of my LED GU10 mains down lights have similar optics.
38degrees for the triple, 60 degrees for the 4 Led, both would be suitable to re purpose as IR sources.
Perhaps change to 12V GU5/3 base so they can be used in garden spotlight cases.
I might be waiting a long time before a GU10 LED burns out so I can refit with IR leds.
Been using them for years and none have failed yet ;)

Dragged out my only Zero and old 16GB SD card, I had forgotten I had Pikrellcam working on the Zero W.
Saves me wiring Ethernet, using Zero W's I only need power to them, 12V garden wiring?
Budget for security means I can get more Zero's :lol:
I'm dancing on Rainbows.
Raspberries are not Apples or Oranges

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