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Raspberry Pi 3 CSI Camera FPS

Tue Sep 13, 2016 4:51 am


My interest is to create a program that will do the following with the Raspberry Pi Camera(Rev. 1.3) connected to the CSI port:

1. Request snapshot(frame) jpeg from camera (resolution 320 x 160 or higher).
2. Send data over network.
3. Continuously repeat steps 1 and 2.

I want to do this as quickly as possibly, my goal is 15-30fps. So far, I have only tested the speed of file saving repeated snapshots with the camera, I have only been able to achieve 4-5 fps. This was done using the raspistill command(can't remember exact command) and a program that I found at I have also taken a look into the userland code ( Just so I am clear, I want jpeg images, I do not want a stream. To improve performance, I plan to write and read from a memory buffer.

I read information on Raspberry Pi's website that states "2592×1944 1-15fps video or stills mode". I am a little confused by this statement, how exactly do you achieve the 15fps in still mode. Can somebody show my example of how this is done with raspstill. Just looking for pointers on how to achieve improved performance on capturing the jpeg images.


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