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Hello all,

I am currently working on a project for my mothers christmas gift to make her one of her very own Google Home assistants. When she saw mine, she fell in love with its fuction, but not so much its design. She knew i had a 3D Printer and asked if my 3d thingy could make a better box for the little google thingy..(her words or a close approximation thereof.)
Now if I were going to spend 40 or $50 to buy the Google home Mini only to tear it apart to reimplant it in something I printed I would be remiss not to instead explore the Avenue offered by the Raspberry Pi and since I already have a couple of zero w's not to mention a $25 Amazon gift card I was literally able to get everything I thought I needed including respeaker 2mic phat aswell has a set of mini USB-powered speakers with a 3.5 mm audio in.. I figured I had plenty of USB wall plugs and cables that I wouldn't need anything like that.
My mother wanted something more sophisticated so I said about creating a 3D printed wood enclosure resembling a center channel speaker she was very pleased with it and said it was perfect.
My problems arose when I realized I only had access to
One power outlet in which I was going to need to drill down a shelf to reach it. Well of course the Raspberry Pi zero the respeaker and the mini USB powered speakers all require their own power and my mother was vehemently against three wires cluttering up her bookshelves nor was she approving of having to increase the size of the hole.
So that's where I'm at right now trying to figure out a way to pass the power up to the enclosure affordably.
I've had a couple of ideas but I'm not super electric savvy so I wanted to run this by you all.
My first idea was perhaps trying to implement my power-boost 500 and 1000. Wiring that positive and negative battery inputs to the exposed pads for the USB on the pi zero to hunt for you based on the power High Enough to run the respective two other devices.
Is this feasible am I liable to screw something up and if it would possibly work where exactly would be the best place to wire each power-boost.

My second idea would be to take a boost converter and and old dual usb cell phone power bank who's batteries gave up the ghost and boost the USB positive / negative once again Broken Out Underneath the pi zero to the battery inputs on the power bank and then taking the button which must be pushed to pass voltage or current to the USB ports and wiring a switch in its place and maybe I can plug in the USB drives from the speakers and the respeaker..
Does any of this sound possible ? My mother now has her heart set on the location that offers the most obstacles LOL of course I picked it..

Once again any advice would be amazing.
If you read this far thank you for taking your time to do so and again I extend another thank you for those of you that will eventually help me.

AG Woolard

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