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Measuring plant electricity

Mon Dec 10, 2018 12:58 pm

Hey, everyone!

I have been doing various projects over the last few years using both Arduino and Raspberry Pi but most are based on available tutorials. I teach neuroscience at the university level, and after seeing a TED Talk ( by Greg Gage I felt inspired to attempt something similar as a demonstration. Having some experience with microcontrollers and custom builds already, I felt there must be some other way of doing this than buying the proprietary equipment provided at
I only want to be able to read the electrical signal from the mimosa plant, I do not need to transduce it into an electrical output to another plant. Briefly, what type of equipment do I need in order to do this? This is surely little more than reading a voltage at a certain sampling rate, but the original signal may need some amplification? Any suggestions?

I am posting this question both here and in the Arduino forums in order to see what the communities can offer, but you may of course suggest whatever DIY system you think is appropriate. The purposes of the project are educational only.


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