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How to connect many cables in a nice looking way?

Sat Dec 01, 2018 2:05 pm

Does anyone have tips how to make this looking better?

This is now inside my barn in a box linked to:
- 2x temperatuur sensor
- 1x motion sensor
- 2x light switch
- 1x Fed relay for 2 lights
- 1x LDR sensor

I want to add a new sensor but almost scared to do so. I'm looking for a easy plug and play method where it is not a big mess. I want to have it build in somewhere now it is also a large box and would like it if it could be smaller. Are there like patch panels or so for this purpose?

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Re: How to connect many cables in a nice looking way?

Sat Dec 01, 2018 4:46 pm

Breadboards are for temporary lashups, experiments and prototyping. Not recommended for permanent installations.

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Re: How to connect many cables in a nice looking way?

Sat Dec 01, 2018 9:17 pm

Ok, but how to build a proper production result? I have no experience at all with soldering.
I have bought a board once but never used it because no idea how to start and how this at the end will fit nicely in a box.
For example at this moment the board is hanging on his cables, the raspberry also.

I also want to change sometimes the sensors, extend it, replace them, extend them because after a while for example the LDR sensor didn`t work by night for my purpose. So the experience of flexibility of a breadboard is verry nice. The board on top of the raspberry is already a start, but is there nothing like it to do this more easy?

Like for example a box where incomming cables ar connected via screws or something, and from there on the jump wires can be used to connect everything and a board that fits perfect to connect everything via jump wires which can be mounted in a box for example.. Thats more what I`m looking for but no idea at all if this exists.

Also for small purposes, like I would like to have a raspberry in my living room, connect 3 sensors, like for example smoke, ldr, temperature. I want them all to fit nicely in a box, like a normal raspberry case. But a normal raspberrry case doesn`t make it possible to extend with modules. Does something like this exist?

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Re: How to connect many cables in a nice looking way?

Sat Dec 01, 2018 11:55 pm

Perhaps consider your work so far proof of concept, now how about making it all wireless? all your sensors and switches/relays can be replaced with devices you can query via bluetooth or wifi.
an example of cracking a commercial temp/humidity ble product that runs on a AAA cell for 18-24mnths.. ... pberry-pi/
to turn on/off mains lighting or electrical devices there is a wide range of wifi enabled products, i am a huge fan of the sonoff brand when reprogrammed with tasmota
this also provides a framework for including additional remote sensors and h/w to either relay controllers in use or developing your own esp8266 based devices, for which the wemos D1 and its collection of sensor and h/w shields makes it more like leggo
a distance sensor for example: ... nic-Sensor
I think you can find the ldr hook up yourself ;)

You will need to learn how to do basic soldering, to solder headers to boards etc, its a skill that can take a little practice, but watch a few utubes and practice a bit to get the skills and confidence and your flying, an evening devoted to it should do ..

With a distributed set of sensors and relays publishing status and ready to accept commands from your pi you can focus on the system logic and interface presentation, and adding further aspects to the system involves NO service interruption while the pi gets rewired ;)

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