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Permission denied with Transmission

Sat Dec 01, 2018 1:49 am

I have raspeberry pi with transmission set up. I recently got a Zyxel NAS326. I want use Pi as torrent client as it has a VPN enabled and NAS326 can't use VPN.

I've successfully mounted NAS share on Pi with this in fstab: // /home/piuser/MyNAS cifs username=user,password=pass123 0 0 And can access it without problems.

I have two directories made for Transmission: /home/piuser/MyNAS/torrent_complete


When I'm trying to start a torrent I get the message: Permission denied (/home/piuser/MyNAS/torrent_complete/movie/Data.bin)

How can I fix this?

I originally followed this guide and since I now have a NAS, I unplugged the HDD.

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Re: Permission denied with Transmission

Sat Dec 01, 2018 4:18 pm

  1. what are the ownership and permissions on your two directories? You can get these by running

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    ls -ld /home/piuser/MyNAS/torrent_complete

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    ls -ld /home/piuser/MyNAS/torrent-inprogress
  2. Can you write to these directories while logged in as "piuser"?
  3. Is your NAS sharing them as read/write or read only?
  4. Have they been mounted as read/write or read only? Hint: check the output from

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    mount|grep MyNas
  5. What user is your torrent client running as?
  6. Does your NAS support NFS?Don't worry if you don't know or it doesn't. NFS is much more linux friendly than cifs/samba and could be used instead.
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