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Re: 3D Learning Application

Sat Oct 15, 2011 11:24 pm


I thought I'd put a post on here for a project I'm thinking about undertaking soon. The project will be a 3D game environment in which you can add logic via scripts of a language I'm currently developing. You'll be able to add all sorts of game code using them, as well as AI and rendering logic via calls to a system object. I'm just wondering if people would find that an interesting project to have on the Raspberry PI. The system would be kind of similar to Game Maker but with a focus on scripting the game without too much GUI based assistance (just notepad to create and manage the scripts or other relevant editors). This project will also be open-source. The aim is to teach kids how to script together a game with a focus on learning C style syntax, Object Oriented Programming and more. What are peoples thoughts.


Rich Pickering

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Re: 3D Learning Application

Sun Oct 16, 2011 2:58 pm

Unless you're doing it as a learning exercise for yourself, I'd probably avoid inventing your own language, and embed something like Lua instead. I'm led to believe that Lua's pretty much the standard for games scripting at the moment, and it "plugs in" really nicely. Otherwise there's load of other "pluggable" scripting languages out there (GameMonkey, Squirrel, Pawn, AngelScript, TinyScheme, picoLisp and so on). There's also more "heavyweight" solutions being used out there (Python and Ruby spring to mind).

Sounds like a fun project, though.


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