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PiTesting for Multimedia system

Fri Nov 02, 2018 9:28 am

Right now I have build with a old raspberry pi (I think it is the first generation) a a PiTesting system.

It is very easy build.
with batch script and some video clip I have build so it it start a first clip to see the color and some other visual effect of the TV/Projector that is connect to the HDMI.
The next clip that start automatic is testing the left and right sound from the HDMI so it play left first, and then right and then do so about 30 sec.
The last clip do the same but this time it testing the 3.5 Jack.

When they all three is done it shutdown and I can now disconnect everything and know everything works fine.

Now I was thinking build a version 2 of this system

At first the Raspberry Pi is going to run on a powerbank so I do not need to look for any power source.
The second is I going to use GPIO and with 4 button run the three script separated and the last button is to shutdown the Raspberry Pi

So I was thinking use Python and I have find some guide how to connect some action when a button from GPIO is push.
The all I need to do is to find a way to make so it so the user can't push more then one button at the time.

This is my project and is basic but do all I need but is someone have a idea what more it can do just tell me.

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