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Automated Door

Fri Dec 07, 2018 3:31 pm

Good evening to all,

I have an old raspberry pi (2nd version) and I say maybe I use it for the following purpose.
I'm on a construction site and my office is a container. Because I have things in the container and I do not want anyone to come in, i want to make with the old pi (or even a new one) an automated door.
I would either want to work with a code (some panel with numbers, keyboard, I do not know) or with a RFID card.
I would just like to be something not to be out of money and if I used to use my old rampprimer even better.
Has anyone done a similar project?
Also beyond what I have to do with coding etc, which materials I have to buy? Do you have something to suggest?
Thank you very much.

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