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Cycling computer with Bluetooth LE output

Fri Dec 07, 2018 12:35 am

I've been messing around with my cheap exercise bike lately. The built in display was pretty "meh" and I've been really wanting to use it to play online with Zwift...

I found this awesome post here, viewtopic.php?t=119476#p812499. The perl script works perfectly when hooked up the the built in reed switch on the bike, and I have a SmartiPi case/touchscreen combo that perfectly replaces the stock display.

However, if I want to mess around on Zwift I'd need to send the data via Bluetooth BLE or ANT+ to another computer hooked up to a TV running their client.

Would it be relatively straightforward to modify the Python script above to output speedometer data with a bluez GATT server? I found an article here ( ... n-stretch/) and started looking at the bluez examples... However I'm more of a script butcher versus a coder and it's honestly melting my brain out quite a bit... :)

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