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Robotic hand on Arduino do it yourself

Tue Dec 04, 2018 9:09 pm

This article will be about how to make the robotic manipulator on the Arduino.

1. List of parts:

- Cardboard
- Chipboard 195 x 295
- Metal wire 45 x 10 x 1
- Arduino any
- bread board
- Servo motor x 4 (Tower Pro Micro Servo SG90 9g)
- connecting wires
- tape
- Clip x 3

All parts I buy on the Aliexpress cause they are cheaper here!

You will need glue, a gun, a screwdriver and a knife to assemble.

2. Cut the parts
You need to cut the parts like in the pictures. You will need:

- Circle with 3 holes x 6

- A circle with 2 holes x 1 (the second picture without a hole)

- A circle with 35 x 35 with a square in the middle x 1

- The holder of the handle 1 with a servo hole x 4

- Holder handle 2 with a small hole x 4

- First hand part x 2

- Second hand part x 2

You can experiment a bit with the sizes.

Keep in mind that parts of the hand should not be too heavy for servos.

3. Preparing Grips
You need to cut two 12 x 120 cardboard rectangles and shape them, as in the picture below.
The shape of the clips, as in the second picture.
The shape of the metal part with a clip, as in the third image.
Latest photos should just give you an idea how to put it all together.

4. Start building.

First, make a hole in the chipboard and glue a circle 35 x 35 with a square in the middle on the right of it.
 As a next step, make a platform from 7 other circles and a servomotor (a circle without a middle hole should be on top). Now fasten the servo screw and the servo itself to the platform on the underside of the platform (see photos).

Do not forget to calibrate the position of the platform. These servos can rotate only 180 degrees.
Next, make the holders of hands, first and second hands, as in the pictures below.
Now you can twist your arms and holder together and connect it to the platform.
And again, do not forget to calibrate the position of the weapon.
Next, install the expander. And you did!

5. Electronics.
Servos: PIN-9 - platform, PIN-8 - first hand, PIN-7 - second hand, PIN-6 - grippers.

Download the Arduino code!

Do not forget to download the IR-Remote-library. :D

Copy it to the library folder, and then rename it to "IRremote" before downloading to the program.

Now you have 2 options for hand control: via PC or via IR remote control. For the first option, simply open the processing program and control it using the keyboard. Using the IR remote control, try the following: 7 and 8 for the platform, 2 and 5 for the first hand, 2 and 4 for the second hand, + and - to capture. If something is wrong with you, you will need to adjust the loop () function in the Arduino code. Just look at the corresponding values ​​from the serial monitor and replace the values ​​with your own.

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Re: Robotic hand on Arduino do it yourself

Tue Dec 04, 2018 11:44 pm

"a picture says more than 1000 words" -- don't you have a photo/video?
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Re: Robotic hand on Arduino do it yourself

Wed Dec 05, 2018 12:14 am

@John123john.. Sounds like a fun n funky project, looking forward to the pics and further links,

I think you made a booboo with the servo link tho, those are beasts that would tear and weak materials like card to shreds, try these instead ... 8aba5ecaf0

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