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Tutorial: Raspberry Pi Weather Station

Mon Sep 24, 2018 6:29 pm

Hey Guys,

Thought we would share out this 4 Part tutorial we put together for building a Raspberry Pi based weather station. This tutorial covers everything from first start of the OS, soldering components, and basic Python right up to Sending data to ThingSpeak, Weatherproofing, and installation outdoors.

Part 1 - Assembly : https://www.bc-robotics.com/tutorials/r ... on-part-1/
Part 2 - Python: https://www.bc-robotics.com/tutorials/r ... on-part-2/
Part 3 - ThingSpeak: https://www.bc-robotics.com/tutorials/r ... on-part-3/
Part 4 - Weatherproofing / Installation: https://www.bc-robotics.com/tutorials/r ... on-part-4/
Chris @ BC Robotics

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