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Problem connecting SIM7000 to mobile network

Fri May 10, 2019 11:53 am

I'm currently working on an IoT project in Australia, and have come across a networking issue that I'm confident heaps of others have come across. I need a Raspberry Pi Zero to use a SIM7000 to send and receive SMS's to and from my mobile phone using Python. The module can be found here: ... e-gps-gnss
There are resources on the website, but they aren't very comprehensive on the issue I'm having.

I haven't really used a Raspberry Pi Zero for anything before, nor have I worked with a SIM7000 module. I've also found it fairly hard to find resources to help set it up. I've been able to communicate with the module by installing picocom and entering the command: "picocom --baud 9600 /dev/ttyS0". I've then been able to send AT commands afterwards, but I don't believe my module can connect to any mobile networks.
I've got a general phone SIM card from Belong (uses the Telstra network), and a SIM card from Things Mobile (an IoT M2M card that uses the Optus and Vodafone network). The Things Mobile SIM card has not been recharged, so would that be reason why it's not connecting, or is there another cause?

If anyone's used a Raspberry Pi Zero and successfully connected a SIM7000 module to a mobile network (preferably in Australia), would you be able to explain your setup process and which SIM card you're using? (I've heard Hologram's pretty good)



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Re: Problem connecting SIM7000 to mobile network

Fri May 10, 2019 1:45 pm

Have a look at the Github C++ program ... M7000.cpp/ if no one else comes back to you. It has a pile of AT commands for setting connection mode etc.
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