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RPi 3 as a server hosting a web page. 4g connection

Posted: Sun Dec 09, 2018 11:12 am
by ianb88
Dear all.

I'm at the start of a project to use a RPi to host a web page using lighttpd. This works fine on a LAN. The web page has on off switches, switching the pins to control lights at the moment using wiringPi and .CGI files.

The next stage is trying to allow the pi to be accessed anywhere using port forwarding. I'm looking at trying to use a Huawei 3372 unlocked dongle to gain access to 4g or 3g. So the end result is many people can go to the pi's web page on a browser and switch the controls via that page.

The pi will be connected to hardware in a public space, using WiFi isn't an option.

The whole IoT idea seems a brilliant concept but for prototypers it seems so hard to find information beyond projects on LAN, surely running pi's as servers that you can connect to from anywhere is the way forward.

My background is more mechanical engineering and not networking so I'm a little green and on a steep learning curve!

Any help / links greatly appreciated.

Re: RPi 3 as a server hosting a web page. 4g connection

Posted: Mon Dec 10, 2018 10:28 am
by pcmanbob

You probably cant find examples of setting up a server on a pi using a mobile network be it 3G or 4G because when you are connected to such networks you are not directly connected to the internet, you are connected to the service providers network which then connects you to the internet.

This means 2 things

1. you don't have a direct connection to the internet

2. you don't have access to your service providers router so you can set up port forwarding

both of the above mean you can't access your server from the internet because there is no way of forwarding the connection to your specific pi.