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[Help] Pi 3 Seedbox issues

Posted: Wed Dec 05, 2018 3:08 pm
by crafty615
I am trying to turn my pi 3 into a headless seedbox/NAS that uses deluge daemon and samba.

Originally I was running the pi with the GUI and using qbittorent and everything was working fine. I then tried using transmission daemon and whenever I added a torrent, the torrent would download a few MB of data then the download speed would drop to 0 and never go back up. Since I had made some bad choices in how I set everything up I decided to format the SD card and install Stretch light. This is when I followed this guide: ... rrent-box/

Everything with the hard drive and Private Internet Access VPN works fine. But I still get the same download issue with deluge daemon accessed through the ThinClient from a windows PC. Another problem I am getting is that I cannot see my samba shared folder in my Windows 10 Network drive. I can ping the pi and ssh into it fine.

Thanks in advance for the help!