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intermittant sound RP3 Kodi

Thu Dec 06, 2018 1:06 am

This is my first R Pi, great product, have used Kodi on an android box so have a bit of experience with it. My setup is HMDI connection to Yamaha RX-V483 amp.
Sometimes no sound is present, other times (same media file from NAS) the sound is perfect, but if I abort the file and switch to another movie the sound may not work. It seems that If I scan files and get one that works and pick a file with the same audio coding there is sound; but if I pick a different audio coded file there is no sound. If I select the file several times it seems to work, the one I use to 'wake up' the system is coded DTS ?? When no sound is present I still hear clicks when buttons are selected - perhaps that tells you something..

my settings are
Audio out - HDMI
channels - 2.0
Output config - Optimized
Volume control steps - 20
Maintain volume on downmix - on
Stereo upmix - off
Keep audio device alive - 1 min
Allow Passthrough - on
AC3 Receiver - on
Enable AC3 transcoding - off
E-AC3 receiver = off
DTS Capable receiver - on

Any thoughts would be appreciated..some of the parameters above don't seem to make sense ie the keep audio device active is confusing, does it keep the HDMI locked into the previous audio coding for the active period, and thus not accept any other audio format..that almost seems to be what I am experiencing..Its difficult to diagnose a problem when you dont understand what the code behind the selection controls does..

Thanks for any help


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