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node-red scan ble with Tile trackers

Tue Jan 09, 2018 1:22 pm

Getting inconsistent results with the scan ble node. It appears to have a mind of it's own regarding when it scans and obtains location info from the Tile {Mate version} equipment I'm interfacing with.

The node-red Scan Ble node info tab indicates you can send: msg.payload.scan=false to turn off scanning, and msg.payload.scan=true to turn it on.

I've tried including the following in a function node linked to the input of the scan ble node:

if (msg.payload === 'on') {
msg.scan = true;
} else {
msg.scan = false;
return msg;

It creates a error like:
"Incorrect input, ignoring. See the documentation in the info tab. "

Has anyone been successful at controlling the scan rates and the process to do it with the 'scan ble' node?

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Re: node-red scan ble with Tile trackers

Sun Sep 30, 2018 4:35 pm


I do...

I have a scan BLE (noble node) that it is activated and deactivated every minute.

to toggle it I use a flow context variable and this code:

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var msg = {};
msg.payload = {};

flow.set('scanStatus', !flow.get('scanStatus'));
msg.payload.scan = flow.get('scanStatus');

return msg;
your error is that you indicate msg.scan = true, but it has to be msg.payload.scan = true

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