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RuGit: Ruby Git Clone Application

Sun Apr 28, 2019 12:10 am

Its been a while, but I would like to Release my app to the Pi community. I present, RuGit: Ruby Git Clone Application.

put the installer folder in your /home/user(pi) folder. its still under beta so that's important.
Any Debian Linux Distro
Raspbian(both pi and Desktop versions), Ubuntu, Ubuntu Mate, Mint, etc...
will run up to ruby Ver2.3.3 (haven't tried it on ruby 2.5 yet)
does alot of git clones!!!!!!!!!

I made RuGit as a side project to help a few people out in my rpi group on Facebook, but I wanted to get it out to the rest of the community.
As of late, I pulled the old Alpha version from my thumb drive and gave it a bit of a tune up. I added paste capabilities to it via right click, and It automatically detects the user that's logged in (or the /home/user directory). simply put the directory you want to clone to, and paste the clone link in and press the button. it cuts out all Terminal work for the user. I would like to add more functions to it for the avid git Hub Guru to make life a bit easier, but that will come later.

How to Install:
google drive link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1K3feN ... YvzL2SPQhk
Git clone link: https://github.com/CufeHaco/RuGit_Installer.git
Make sure the Rugit_installer folder is in your /home/usr folder. open it from there and run the Install script. Easy as that!
The Installer will make sure Ruby is up to date and download the required gems to make it work (uses the sudo gem)
After it updates (or makes sure everything is up to date) it will prompt you if you wish to install. press y and enter.
let the installer do its thing and it will close out.
Check your start menu under Programs and or Accessories, and you will see RuGit in the menu.
If you wish to uninstall RuGit, simply run the Installer again, it will detect the files and ask if you want to uninstall them.

the biggest reason why i wanted to get this out there....
all the time you see things about python (eeew), but as a seasoned programmer i'm sad to see such a powerful tool go to waste and not used on the rpi. and as you can see, Ruby can do so much more than web dev with rails. not only did I create a GUI program with it via Tk (it even has a gem for gnome programming) but i am manipulating the kernel itself. Added bonus with ruby, This program will work on ANY Debian linux based distro without any cross platform conversions.

Even if you dont like the program itself, I hope you will look at the source code and see how amazing Ruby is. You can even use it for physical computing Via the gpio pins or Arduino Firmata set ups. but thats for another thread all to gether.

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