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Installing Mercury API

Wed Nov 21, 2018 9:19 am

Hi everyone, im new to programming but i need to get M6E Nano RFID reader to work with Raspberry Pi 3 B+.

So far i have found that to get it to work i actually need the Mercury API to work on raspberry pi, but i have no idea how to get it there. for example, i have downloaded the mercury-srcdist-14.01.1 file from http://dl.mercurylang.org/index.html
but to go further i would have to know how to install it, or is it even possible on raspi as there are only these options:
README.AIX RS/6000 systems running AIX
README.FreeBSD The FreeBSD version of BSD Unix on Intel x86
README.HPUX HPPA systems running HPUX
README.IRIX-5 SGI IRIX version 5.x
README.Linux Linux on Intel x86 and x86_64
README.Linux-Alpha Linux on DEC Alpha
README.Linux-PPC Linux on PowerPC
README.Linux-m68k Linux on Motorola 68000
README.MacOS Apple Mac systems running Mac OS X
README.MS-Windows Microsoft Windows
README.OSF1 DEC Alpha systems running OSF/1 version 3.x
README.Solaris Solaris (SunOS) on SPARC or Intel x86.

actually am i doing everything right or i have screwed up somewhere? I actually cant find any information about M6E Nano and Raspberry Pi. Somewhere i saw a confirmation that it works but cant find the post anymore and the forum ive seen it in..
Maybe someone of you has already done this and know how to get it to work?

Thank you.

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