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Build packages and install from deb-src

Sat Jun 13, 2015 3:41 pm

Hi, I'm having trouble building and installing from deb source and making my changes.

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# assume /etc/apt/sources.list is containing the proper deb-src
apt-get update
mkdir build && cd build
apt-get source libsdl2-dev
cd libsdl2-2.0.2+dfsg1
Now usually when just configuring and compiling I can do this:

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./configure --includedir=/usr/include/ --host=armv7l-raspberry-linux-gnueabihf --disable-pulseaudio --disable-esd --disable-video-mir --disable-video-wayland --disable-video-x11 --disable-video-opengl
make -j4
make install
But this is not what I want, I need all the SDL2 stuff, I need to build and install all as packages including the -dev, so that I will have:

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libsdl2-2.0-0        libsdl2-gfx-dbg      libsdl2-image-dbg    libsdl2-mixer-dev    libsdl2-ttf-2.0-0
libsdl2-dbg          libsdl2-gfx-dev      libsdl2-image-dev    libsdl2-net-2.0-0    libsdl2-ttf-dbg
libsdl2-dev          libsdl2-gfx-doc      libsdl2-mixer-2.0-0  libsdl2-net-dbg      libsdl2-ttf-dev
libsdl2-gfx-1.0-0    libsdl2-image-2.0-0  libsdl2-mixer-dbg    libsdl2-net-dev
I've been looking around, but cannot figure out how to build and install everything so that I can pass all my flags (inkluding the -j4, because waiting for 1 core when I have 4 is boring).
Can anyone please guide me here.. I've been looking around, finding various examples with dpkg checkinstall dpkg-rebuild etc, but none that actually guide me to how I can pass all my parameters, and build and install every package, would be nice to be able to uninstall too.. and keep my .deb files for later?

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