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RGB with CSync using DPI RGB

Fri Dec 28, 2018 8:02 pm

I have display from Carminat 6000 car navigation set. It's Renault's version of Carin 520 which is used for eg. in BMW E39. It have connection schematic for display. I even disassembled display to get access to LCD panel. Display resolution is 320x234 and according to documentation it runs in 60Hz or 59.994Hz progressive (14.4ms Frame length).

Display need analogue Red, Green and Blue which are easy to generate using DPI via resistor bridge. I have big trouble with generating CSync instead of HVSync. I could use TTL HVSync because LCD Panel needs HVSync. Display board converts CSync to HVSync or generates HVSync which is locked to CSync. But I don't want to damage the board due to it's rare occurrence and high price.

tldr: I need to generate analogue RGB + CSync using DPI in rPi.

I'm using rPi Zero. And I don't want to use shitty HDMI to VGA to SCART adapters.

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