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HTML, Apache, Flask, PiCamera, Video Stream not broadcasting outside local network

Sun Jan 19, 2020 3:46 pm

Hi everyone,

Been working on this problem for far too long now.

I have a pet project I'm working on where I would like to live stream video, through a website that I host, to the internet.

I have put together some code where I can make this happen on my local home network. But when I try to access the page through the internet I get a broke video.

I am using Apache to server port 80. My video feed come from port 8080. In the HTML code i using the follow code to invoke the video server:

<img src="\[\](" width = "300" height = "300">

I use flask for my webserver, thus I use mod_proxy to reverse proxy from apache. (This is where I think the issue might lie.) I am also trying to reverse proxy the stream it self, ie:

On my internet gateway I am exposing port 80 and 8080 which route to the Pi.

Everything behaves the way i would like from my local network but not from the internet.

I am using my iphone, to use chrome ,to access my external ip. Using cell network and not attached to home wifi.

I am using this tool chain because I also would like to be able to press a button on the website which ultimately triggers a GPIO pin on the Pi.

Also, when i enter: externalIp:8080 i can see my video stream. So it can be served up. Its just the part where it is being embedded in the port80 html file that doesn't seem to work.

Hope this makes sense. I would love to hear some opinions.


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