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Touchscreen input as tablet

Thu Nov 14, 2019 1:34 pm


Im Gonzalo from Argentina, and together with a couple friends we are developing a product based on raspberry pi4 hardware.

We are developing everything in nodered. We have achieved some quite good advancements, pwm outputs we need for motors are working well, with acceleration ramps, and all other settings done. GPIO management seems correct, and we are about to test the rest of the electronic components interfaced with raspberry. The rest of the programming can be easily done, and though the dashboard options are not great, they are acceptable.

The only issue we are having is that the interface should work in kiosk mode, and the interface hardware is the original 7" screen.

Now this is the thing. We cannot achieve an input as if it were a tablet. I mean the touchscreen works, but as a mouse input, and makes the experience suck.

I´ve been thinking of changing the OS (right now its raspbian), but i think it might happen that all we have achieved with the GPIOs goes to hell.

We have tried not showing the cursos, but we had no success at it.

Has anyone done this? We would like to slide bars, swipe, etc. but right now we cannot do anything like it..

Please help..

All the threads I´ve found never show a specific answer or solution for this.



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Re: Touchscreen input as tablet

Thu Nov 14, 2019 8:51 pm


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Re: Touchscreen input as tablet

Thu Nov 14, 2019 11:03 pm

Could it work using a web browser as an interface? I'm not sure if I undestand the question, but it sounds like you want to input to a program using sliders on a touch screen.
Would it work if the sliders were laid out on a html page?
If that page could actually 'be' the desktop?
In the past I have done something similar, but not with the Pi.

kweb (kweb Minimal Kiosk Browser) was created by Guenter Kriedl specifically for the early Pis to run in Kiosk Mode.
It is very configurable, I think it uses Python, which should make linking to other software relatively easy, and it has a manual that is available for download (Google 'kweb manual') and it is capable of being used 'as a Desktop Replacement', which might suit your purpose.
I'm not sure if using kweb could solve your screen input problem, but Guenter is often on the forum and might be willing to answer questions about whether kweb could do the task, if you include kweb in the Post Title. I think part of kweb is written in Python, which 'might' help when interfacing it to your software.
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Re: Touchscreen input as tablet

Fri Nov 15, 2019 11:39 am

Actually we are now using the browser as the interface, and fullscreen like it if were "kiosk mode", but the problem we have is interfacing the screen, since raspbian uses the touchscreen as mouse input, and no gestures can be implemented.

We dont need gestures, but we need the screen to be as interactive as a tablet screen, and not as mouse input. And we cannot sort that out..

We have a raspberry pi 4.

We found that ubuntu mate as a way better touchscreen interfacing drivers¿?, but when tryin to install it, we found that is not compatible with the pi 4.

We are developing everything in node red. The interface is the dashboard, and the touchscreen mouse input from raspbian is a no good for this.

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