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double interface at same time

Thu Jan 04, 2018 1:08 pm

hey it is me.
i got a problem with gui.

first it was booting into cli (changed from raspi-config) auto login.
and at the .bashrc file i made this:("if start-stop-daemon -T -n startx ; then echo "Welcome master Soltani" ;else startx; fi")
that start up x from every boot with the exit to command line button at shutdown window.

after some apt-getting (installing tvheadend) it happened.
now i had both of interfaces working at same time on each other.
and there is no exit to command line there , only logout.

first i commented the code i have added to .bashrc but didn't fixed
i don't know were it starting but when i checked in raspberry pi config it was on cli.

can somebody help me?

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