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Article Idea - Cross Compile?

Mon Feb 18, 2019 10:52 am

This is something I'm new to as I have to set it up at some point.
I have a program(s) in C that needs compiling.
Apparently Raspberry Pi Desktop x86 is not setup for transfer to a Pi.
I have no idea what I'm suppose to do...

So I'm setting my PiZero up to compile on there.

Is there any chance a nice MagPi style article can be made to aid anyone else in this.
Perhaps as part of the making things in C series.

I see that x86 RPD desktop as it is quicker/easier way to compile, write, stuff, things in C, python and move across to the Zero's etc.
(Otherwise It takes my ages to boot, load a webbrowser eventually surf to the page and get the clone commands etc. Quite painful on a Zero now :-()

bonus is it's kept on the same environment as the Pi Desktop but with a laptop it's more convenient too.

In future idea for, (for the RPDx86 OS makers if reading this) if this was setup by default..
I know there are other OS's but this keeps it in-house.
There is already GPIO extender, PiServer etc to make life easier already, this is a bonus.

If this is already in a recent MagPi issue for the x86 Desktop, I apologise, I've missed it.

cross compile C article for setup of RPD x86 to Pi, link in with current C programming series, perhaps?

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