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Ethernet stops working after few hours/days, probably because of USB microphone plugged in

Wed Nov 14, 2018 11:17 am

this is my first time posting.

We have UWP application and quite a few raspis (model 3). We use them to display content on monitors (through webviews) and we use microphone for speech recognition (navigation between uwp pages, webviews with different pages are on each page). Sometimes the ethernet stops working, this so far occured only on raspis with microphones plugged in, but it occurs too rarely to be sure its because of the microphone. Ethernet port raspi is connected to is up and ethernet is blinking on raspi, but it cant download content for webviews, nor can I connect to it via device portal. When i restart the raspi (manually since i can't connect) it runs normally, for hours or days. This occur also on raspi with original raspi charger. Occurs in 2 different networks.

Could it be because of the usb microphone ?
Could it be because of bad code and I missed it? (we sometimes load content to multiple webviews at once, we get configuration from webservice).
Could it be something else completely?

Has anyone else experienced something similiar?

Thanks for the help

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