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HD Webcam with no HDMI monitor

Sun Sep 02, 2018 3:05 pm

Hello all,

I have some below issue, may be someone can help to resolve it. I have Raspberry pi3 board with Windows IOT core on board. I also have usb HD webcam connected to the board usb port. My aim is to initiate Webcam with maximum resolution and get still image and save it into microSd card.
I use Windows-universal-samples-master\Samples\CameraResolution\cpp example from Microsoft as an basic project for this job.
When HDMI monitor is connected everything is ok, I have webcam init with maximum resolution and can get picture with it. (2592x1940), but if HDMI monitor is disconnected (it should be without monitor) I got just 640x480. I saw that it's related to HDMI init (as I saw it's like "safe mode"), and I understand it's also related to init of the webcam as well. I tried to understand how to separate the inits (HDMI monitor and Webcamera) without success.
Finally can someone help with the issue - I need to init Web camera with 2592x1940 resolution (and save pictures with the resolution) when hdmi monitor is disconnected.
I appreciate the help,


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